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Please vote for Beanie like mad! Please there is some child, Will, who has 11,000 votes or something on this Hello site. Geesh!!

Here is link again :

I dearly love Alan Rickman, do not get me wrong, but he has almost as nearly as many votes at Orlie???? Huh? Somehow, this does not seem right or reasonable, like I said, and I love this actor. Beanie is far sexier, just my take, but I know each of his votes are earned. I know Butler has his legions so I do not question his votes, or Orlie's, as they have their feminine hoards for sure, but Rickman has a hoard too? Next in number to Orlie's hoard? Why does this not seem logical to me, and I am one who would vote for Rickman over Orlie, but somehow it just does not ring true.

Let us at least try to get Beanie over the little boy, Will. LOLOL Please. I do not think we can get him to beat out Orlie, or Butler, but let us try. Please. Keep your pages up and vote, ladies vote.

Anyway some reasons to vote for the sexiest man on the planet, large pictures in a large spam you are warned, with me channeling some self-promotion from Beanie. (yeah, right.) Under the cut.

Okay, aren't I just "the man" in this tux. Come on now, you know I am.

Have you ever seen a better profile? Nope, not in your life. My profile was chiseled in granite in heaven.

I am fetching as a war-weary angst-filled leader of men.

After all these years I am still Sharpe as hell, even with dodgy people in my face.

I can look earnest one minute --

Look pissed the next --

And dazzle you with my glowing, megawatt smile in a tick.

And do not forget the most elegant hands of any man you will ever see.

Hell, I can even look whimsical.

I am a bit of rough, and in all honesty, you could hardly find a more masculine bloke, right?

Even lesbian academy-award-winning actresses get gushy around me.

See what I mean? She wants me, you know she does.

They just cannot keep their hands off of me, can they?

Okay, a profile shot with a bit of the chest, and a stripped shirt.

I am getting really knackered with all this posing, it's hard being a fashion model. How do they do this catwalk stuff, like this??

Okay, last one. Just to remind you to vote for me. Remember I have about 10 years on that Butler fellow, and nearly 20 on the Olie guy, he can win next year if you like. But one last picture to remind you why you are here on this community and the truth is this Will kid has no business on this sexiest at all. In fact, he looks like a little boy. So give me a hand ladies, can I count on you?

Good, I have a little surprise for your dreams tonight for voting.


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