Raparee (wyldestarr) wrote in bean_daily,

Alright ladies...I go to bed and we've maybe 500+ votes to catch Gerry in the polls. I get up and we're 2600 behind again! So here we go...

How much are you willing to vote and are you broadband? Drop me a line at my livejournal email addy and we'll talk or hit me on msn (rauny @ nc (dot) rr (dot) com). I think we can get him up there. I can give great votes an hour, but I need help at this point.

Come on...I know it's a silly poll...but damnit, the more places we can get Sean's name up there, the more likely we might be able to get Sharpe released in the US and hell, might get him up there more for leading roles! And like it or not, this poll is a big one. I doubt we can topple Orlando, but we can sure as hell get closer and topple Gerry. *pets Gerry for being....well...Gerry and cute*

I'm sure as hell not ready to give up.
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