beaned (beaned) wrote in bean_daily,

Channeling an R-rated Beanie with Voting Picture Spam

Okay ladies I have my eyes on you, all of you. See?

Warning, LARGE PICTURES not dial up friendly.

Not r-rated pictures though, just Beanie being naughty.

In fact I watch you when you least expect it. I see what you are wearing at your little computer when you vote. Tsk,tsk.

Now I know this Butler guy is all right, and Orlie is my mate, but sexier than me? Well, are they?

Are they more experienced than me, with all the women I have had? Hell, I have ten years on one of them and almost 20 on Orlie, who is a nice lad, but really. Hell, I taught him everything he knows, right?

Go ahead inspect the goods here, take a look. Sexier, more attractive? Maybe prettier, but sexier?? Okay, so I am a bit of rough, in more ways than one, mind you. Care to find out, how rough? And don't forget the length of the hands and tongue. Need I go into more detail??

Now I know you care because you wouldn't be on this site posting and such, so remember to vote because I do want to be a leading man in a movie in the U.S. where I get to shag the woman senseless. It's kind of been a goal of mine ever since Lady Chatterly. You remember that film, right?

Oh, you do? LOL, thought you might. Okay, then go ahead and vote you fangirls, you. Have fun. But remember I will be watching you.

Whoopsie here is link:
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