Raparee (wyldestarr) wrote in bean_daily,


You ladies AND gents!... *sniff* are so awesome... *sniffs more*

*bursts into melodramatic sobs* WE'RE AHEAD!

ETA: The poll is down, but don't worry...it's down for everyone. This has happened before during the annual...unfortunately, everyone got set back a few hours. *grumbles* No, it has nothing to do with the maximized voting as they've never yet discounted the technique. Here's hoping they don't get that smart...or ALL the totals will drop dramatically.

ETA2: WOOT! It's back and things are good. WOOT WOOT.

I'm not kidding. Everyone did a brilliant job tonight and we're now in the lead! But we can't be slack yet...those Tarts tend to vote nearly 3k every day and we're not that far ahead. However, this time, THEY will be the ones playing catch up! WOOT! I'm so proud! And if we lose our lead today, we'll regain it with interest tonight. I have faith in you.

"Did you see that, Pat?"

"Aye. I did, sir."

"Bloody brilliant, weren't they?"

"Aye, sir. That they were. No force like em, no sir. Right fond of you, they are. Might want to give em a wee peek...spur em on, so to speak."

"A peek? Naaaaw, they don't need a peek, Pat."

"Might do em good, sir. Brighten em right up, so it would."

"Alright, Harper. Will this do?"

"A little bit more, sir. Do it proper."



"Bloody hell! Alright! I'll be dancin in me knickers next if I had any!"


"Fine...but one of you lasses better help me wash me back."

Disclaimer: Oh dear, I do get silly during the annual poll. But I generally just amuse myself. It's the sleep deprivation and repetition, you see...nothing at all to do with my normal state of mind...no, not at all. *whistles innocently*

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