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Even Lesbians Want Bean -- A Study of Chemistry and more silly channeling

I have often thought, naw, it's just my imagination of what I see going on in these pictures, but everytime I see them, and how almost goofy Jodie Foster looks in these I stop and go, hmmmmmmmmmmm. Beanie looks a little smitten and shy as well. Did Beanie trip a circuit in Ms. Foster here? I think, so, after all attraction is attraction -- you decide.

WARNING LARGE PICs IN A LARGE SPAM, not dial up friendly called Even Lesbians Want Me

Hi, I am Sean Bean. And yes, it is true, even great actresses who bat for the other team want me. Don't believe me? I give you proof. One picture is worth a thousands words, and all that. . .

Okay, exhibits 1-5. My collar went a bit wonky, and well, there you go. The woman got all maternal on me. I do this bit of rough look a bit, cause birds seem to want to take care of me. It works every time.

I mean, the woman would just not leave it alone, and then she would not leave me alone. Okay, these are suppose to be group pictures, but look who she is hanging onto with a deathgrip, and leaning into. I mean, really, it's obvious, you see. Can you blame her? Look who she is leaning into, and it isn't the younger bloke, either. I must admit after a couple of G & T's and knowing I was a bit of a turn-on to her I got a bit goofy too.
Exhibits 5-11.

Here she is trying to explain why she could not keep her hands off me collar, but I am not buying it.

She's got a silly expression on her face in a couple of these, but you haven't seen anything yet. I mean, the chemistry is off the charts in the next ones, and I cannot say I do not fancy her either. It's just there you see, bird meet me, no matter which team they bat for and ka-boom. It's like this gift I have. If you doubt me what are you doing on this site, you silly tarts? LOL

There, we turned her around. yep.

Okay, so there you have it. I think she wanted me. You see even ladies who don't want men want me. Heck, even rough blokes want me. Need proof of that too? Bugger, you are a hard lot to convince. Where do you think he has his hands? And if he weren't so cute, I might be bothered.

Oh and by the way, go vote here:


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