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Ya know...I think today/last night was just one of those days I was not meant to vote. >_< I've had raging insomnia, which is probably feeding off and feeding the voting frenzy (though I vote like this during the annual anyway) and am not getting more than 6hrs of poor sleep at a time. I managed a few hours voting last night before I practically fell into bed. I got a few hours of decent sleep. Yay! Then I get a few more hours of voting sporadically...manage to break another glass (second in as many days), keep having to get up to readjust the heater the cat keeps changing (she sits on it...it's perfectly cat-sized), and the creme de la creme - I've had to reboot a good half dozen times on this machine, the poll has dropped on me, the internet half dropped on me...mail and msn worked, but NO websites. So I've had enough of being a walking/voting disaster today. I think it's time to try sleep again where I can't do any damage to anything. :(

I know people are back at work today, but we've kept our 3700-4k lead all night and throughout the day. I know I've said it before, but I can't say it enough, you guys are an absolutely fabulous voting team and I couldn't be more tickled to be a part of you. :) I'm so glad everyone is having so much fun with this as that is the best reason to do it. That and I'd like to keep up with the bloomies for kicks. :D

I'll do another milestone post (the fun silly ones) when we hit 5k up. Until then, I think this will do quite nicely.

I could live with him bringing me flowers like that... *meep*

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