Raparee (wyldestarr) wrote in bean_daily,

Alright, so it comes to this. We're in fourth...again. o_O

Let me tell you why I'm voting. I want to prove that Sean is just as hot a commodity as anyone else on that poll...that's he just as viable as Orlando and Gerry, that his fans will and DO support him. I want to show that yes, we will come out in droves to see him in a leading role.

Think it's not possible with just a poll?

You're right, it's not. It STARTS with just a poll. Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, the Hello poll does have an impact. Orlando is a hot commodity and that's partially because his fans keep him that way. They're OUT THERE. Hello knows he's hot and so they keep him on their site, in their magazine, all year round. If they do that, then other magazines do that...and if other magazines do that, then hey, those lil companies that make movies think...wait, this guy is pretty hot (and a decent actor to boot)...let's cast him! So it's not just a poll...it's a start. It's the start of a ripple effect like dropping a stone in a pond.

The other reason I'm voting and am still voting is simple. YOU. I'm a 2-year veteran of the hello polls as a BLOOMIE. I started out there as a bloomie. I had so much fun with those ladies that I couldn't even tell you. The community spirit, the camaradarie was unlike anything I'd ever seen online. I told them, as soon as Sean hit the polls, off I went to vote for him and sure enough, he hit the polls this year. I was a little worried that I'd be a solo voter and just voting to make myself feel useful. Then you guys rallied. You showed me you're just as good if not better than any bloomie. Why? Because we're not in first and yet we're fighting anyway. We're fighting for Third against Gerry's Tarts, a lovely group in their own right. I know this because I know more than a few of them. I adore Gerry and I'm thrilled to see more than a few on our side adore him too. We've been a grand group, not bashing the competition at all. I've tried to keep spirits up cause I know it's a long haul for a vote with all the silly milestone posts.

So I do this for you guys to be part of something good and fun and with other people...something I don't often find in my so-called real life.

And I do this for Sean, because I believe in him as an actor as someone worthy of more. He's taken every single role he's ever had and turned it into something better. He gives his all for every role and his presence is incredible, whether he's using it in a villian capacity or something softer and more wonderful.

I think he's worthy of that and I'll be here...voting long through the night, even if we slip and stay in Fourth. Even if we fall further. Because I'll be with you guys and doing something I think is right.
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