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The battle's on!

Yep, this is prime time for tart voting...they're trying to rally.

A little dual goodness behind this cut and lots of pics...
This is completely out of character, but damnit, I told you I got silly with these things!

Heed the call! Voters to me!

We will NOT go quietly into the day! We will battle on! Will will hold their forces!

Pvoting is a gift...a gift to the foes of Mordor! Also great against tarts. Hobbits like tarts...maybe we can send them to eat them?


It was just a thought! Oh, alright. Fine. I thought it was fun. Scruffy ranger...if he brings up that catapult thing, he'll be eating that broken sword...

*sigh* Surely you know by now all you have to do is SMILE at them and they'll do whatever you like, don't you? Try it.

How's this?

*facepalm* I said smile! Not look like utter sex where everyone wants to jump you!

You want to jump me? Why Aragorn... Well that would explain you wanting to blow my horn earlier, you devil.

For the love of Gondor, will you just smile?




Now, my connection for some reason is slow as molasses and is driving me to drink. And we don't want me drinking and voting or it'll be all clicky-clicky-licky-licky on Sean's profile and I'll never get anywhere! *cackles* So don't fret...keep up the pace, keep em hard, and we'll pick up again tonight as we always do. This works in our favor as we're used to night voting (my time anyway) and tend to take over then anyway...and the poll stops at 8am my time and we're normally well ahead by that time. :D

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