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Alright everyone...out of those chairs! It's time to PAAAAARTAY!


Will you look at that sir? Right smart. Did you proud, so they did.

They're a damned fine Brigade, Pat. Damn fine. Gimme a year, they'll be a bloody battallion worthy of Nosey himself.

*cues "O'er the Hills and Far Away"*

I know this is a short pic spam, but I have to get ready for that interview...but I'll be back afterwards for more pic-spammy fun! *hearts*

You all did yourselves proud. I remember just a week back, we were still struggling in sixth place. I remember thinking even then, I wanted THIRD. He deserved at least that, if not more. And then I dared to ask around, to rally the troops...and you all moved in like a storm, full of energy. Before...we hadn't even reached 10k. Today, we finish at over EIGHTY THOUSAND. Think of it...had Rickman not had four groups behind him...we would've been in second. And we did it on our own.

You've done yourselves proud.

You've done Sean proud. (Though he'll likely think we're nuts...we know why we did it.)

Now, go do something besides sit in a chair. Get up, stretch, walk the dog, pet the cat, or take the edge off in any conceivable way. You deserve it. But I want to see excited posts here, lots of pics, lots of fun, lots of everything!

Much love to you all!

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