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Equilibrium director commentary

The part on Sean.Some lady on BBB said once we all should listen to what that director said.There are two commentary soundtracks,and I only typied one of them...enjoy.

This is Sean Bean obviously.The great Sean Bean who you may recognize as Boromir form Lord of the Rings.What can I say about Sean?I have to give Lucas Foster the producer of the film credit for bringing Sean on to this film.I must have read 200 people for this part.And I thought it was a short relatively obvious part.But out of those 200 people I'd have to say only about 2 got it.And unfortunately those 2 were 2 that the studio was not prepared to hire.So we were at an impass all throughtout pre-production and into shooting and we came down to the last minute and Lucas prevailed upon us all to hire Sean here.I only knew Sean as basically 006.And I didn't realize that he had the incredible gravity that he has in this scene and he would be able to bring this nobility to the Grammaton Cleric that he did.It really is a wonderful thing for the film because it imbues something...it rubs of on Christian I think in terms of who he is and creates a sort of chivalry of this knight class.Also,I have to say that Sean is the most complete actor I have ever worked with and this to take nothing away from the other fine and very complete actors I've worked, only to pay an incredibly high compliment to this consummate professional.He was able to make adjustments in his performance,I really micro-managed him I have to say,you know,because it is a genre piece and I was sort of very specific about what I wanted,but you know,in terms of when he looks down and when he looks up and what lines,etcetera.And he would get it instantly.And he would instantly incorporate the direction and instantly make the change without marginalizing his performance at all.I was so impressed.I was standing at the monitor with my jaw basically hanging on the floor.

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