annygirl (annygirl) wrote in bean_daily,

My favourite Bean Pic

First up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Secondly, when I saw the request for favourite pictures I knew exactly which one I had to include.


It's from a Marie Claire shoot and I'm not sure why but ever since I saw it I've been in love with it. I made an icon of it *points* and I've not been able to bring myself to switch it from my default. He looks all serious and broody and stuff.

Of course, while I was searching through my pics (oh such a hard task!! ;-)  ) I found a fair few that I thought would be good options as well, usually with his absolutley brilliant smile. Doesn't he have the sexiest cheeky grin? I was tempted to switch and put one of them here instead but I think I'll just have to give you lovely ladies a smirking pic spam in the near future. After all, I should give back huh? You guys make my flist a pleasure to behold every day.

Happy birthday, love your work.


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