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WOOT! We're doing good, ladies! (and every other denomination who is voting!) We're almost caught up and since it's still early in the day (afternoon for me here) so we should overtake and start gaining a nice lead very shortly! Let's pick it up and keep on going! I know we're good at catch-up, we did it all through the annual, but if we can focus the power that we use to catch-up on gaining a nice lead instead, we should be able to hold them off!

Bloody hell, Pat. They're at it again! And who is this tosser tryin t'take me place?

Well, sir, seems he's a bit of a dandy...sings fer a livin, he does. Not like our Dan though, no sir.

A singer?

Aye sir. Sings with a bunch of boys, so he does.

Like...a choir? A bloody eunuch is challenging me?

Well I don't rightly know about that, sir. But I reckon your girls are on it.

Aye, they are that Pat. Good soldiers, the lot of em.

The finest, sir. The finest. Deserve a wee bit of a treat, so they do.

A treat, Harper?

Aye sir. Like last time?

Aww, Pat. Again??

Well sir, seemed to work, dinnit?

Bloody hell, Pat!

The ladies sure are fond of you, sir.

Mind your place, Harper.

Aye sir, course sir. None of my business seein if they follow you around like they do, no sir. Even though they're willin t'spend hours as they do. No sir.

You've made yer point, Pat.


Very well, will this do?

Aye sir, I think that will do very fine indeed.


Well? You ladies don't expect me to keep meself warm, d'ye?

You know, the more I do these posts, the more and more ridiculous they get. ^_^ And if I keep this up, I totally need to cap my Sharpe's. And in the time it's taken me to do this post, we've reclaimed the lead! Go us! *dances* Oh, btw, lots of pics inside...not dial-up friendly, but very pretty. ^_^
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