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Way to Go!


Alright ladies! (et al) I see we kept that lovely lead right into a slot on the monthly!
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(I was going to use Jimmy...but damnit, I couldn't find the goal rally cheer pic cap thing...can ya believe it??) I don't have to tell you guys how brilliant you are, do I? Once again, we all rallied together, had a blast with pic spams and rally posts and just having so much fun, and then of course, we won the weekly. ^_^ You done yourselves proud and I couldn't be more tickled. Brilliant, people...brilliant. *gets all warm and gooshy*

But...we have a dilemma....or perhaps a better way to say...a challenge??

See...winning the weekly? That puts us in the monthly. Right now, we're up against Josh Holloway. I like Josh...a lot. Case in point, I decided to use my Josh icon just for this. One of the very few southern actors whose accent I really like (I'm from the south). And quite frankly, he's yummy - shaggy blonde...pretty green eyes...square-jawed...very masculine...smoooth and sexy. Remind you of anyone? ^_^ But I don't think Josh, edible though he may be, will be a problem.

Rickman will.

So now here is the challenge. Do you want to vote for someone else this week to topple Alan and keep him from the monthly so we have a better chance with Sean? I'd personally go for James McAvoy as he's cute and was probably the cutest lil faun ever. ^_^ We have to be determined and focus on one guy to do this and Alan is already at 800+, nearly 900 votes.

The challenge has been issued...will you answer it? Can you stand?

And the best...

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