Raparee (wyldestarr) wrote in bean_daily,

Done and done!

Welp, I gone and done it. ^_^
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I created a place for us to discuss poll strategy. I did this for a few reasons - one, so if we're not voting directly for Sean, we won't bother people around here and two, so we can keep our ideas a little more private than we have been. I'm not overly worried about privacy...not like we're doing anything dramatic...but no point in broadcasting to those who might not know!

Welcome to vote_sean. I tried to send out invites to my main voters during my lunch break, but if I missed you, please come on over and join. I know I missed more than a handful of people and I apologize. Post here first so I can get a look at ya though and know you're headed my way. :D Yes, I am modding the invites. We are still going to use b_d as our basecamp for pic spams and rally posts during pure Sean (ooooh, pure Sean... *melts* ) voting. We'll just move the technie stuff elsewhere. ^_^

I want YOU!...to vote for me. What? You thought I meant something else? *whistles*

If ya'll wanna make funny lil icons for v_s, feel free. And now that that is done...I'm gonna post more caps tonight. *bounce* Wet Bean, ladies...WET BEAN.

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