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The Dark - Cap Set 3

Oho...now we're getting to the interesting stuff! This is So Very Much NOT DialUp Friendly.

And...uh...I was getting silly doing this, so just ignore the commentary. Yes...ignore. Yes. Simply stare at the golden goodness...stare. You are getting very lusty...verrrrrry lusty...

We'll pick up where I left off from the teaser. ^_^

You know, if I just tossed you off this cliff now, my life would be so much easier...but I'm not the bad guy in this, so I must suffer. Meh.

So instead, I shall pretend to be happy to see you. I'll laugh, I'll joke, I'll look ridiculously fabulous even blurry.

And apparently, I am quite witty. Go me!

I still think it'd be a lot funnier to toss you over the side. *SIGH* On bright side, not dead yet.

Oh yeah, I look goooood in this movie.

But now I must look semi-angsty. Foreshadow, ya know. Plus there's some problem with sheep and my daughter. Damned sheep. Need some mint jelly.

Back to the house. Yes, it's blurry...but I like it anyway.

Most of these are kinda blurry. Sorry. :(

Oh, here's a fairly clear one. :)

He is SO sweet with his daughter in this film. *le sigh*

Yes, you'll get a lot of these. I like them. They make me all wibbly inside.

Random thought: Is it wrong of me to look at a picture to see how the expression can be potentially manip'ed into something potentially slashy erotic? *ponders*

Touching conversation, but now focused on Sarah. Lovely, touching, but bad for screencapping.


101 ways to look concerned and paternal, aka How to Melt Fangirls in Five Easy Steps.

A closed-eye pic...for anyone who wants one.

Actually...if you repeat this section a few times, that's pretty much what the entire scene looks like.

I wonder if now this girl is ruined for life. I know I lusted after older men when I was that age (hell, I STILL lust after older men) but damn, this could really throw her for a loop.


*sings....getting handy, getting handy, no not that way, you dirty perverts...* Geez, you guys.

I told you the wind loved him.

Yep...his reflection looks just as damned good. However, I would expect nothing less.

ARGH. Here Adèle starts getting antsy. How dare Sarah have what appears to be a genuine relationship with her FATHER? *hits head against wall*

I shouldn't giggle with this one...really. Shouldn't. *giggles anyway*

Ohhh, yeah, that's a keeper. (In so very many ways.)

*howls* Sorry...shouldn't laugh.

Requisite back pic.

I know, it looks like the jacket came out of nowhere.

Yep, more mother-daughter angst.

And Sean shows remarkable preservation of self by staying Way the Hell Away. ^_^

Okay...I can at least really really dislike Maria for this, right? >_<



Obviously, not so good stuff happening downside the cliff at the water's edge.

Wait...bad things happening and I'm still not dead yet. Go me again!

Let's see...lamb stew, lamb shanks, lamb ribs...what? Don't eat them? Ah...no eating the plot points, gotcha. Bad for the digestion.

So we can't eat them, but we have to move them? Very well, I shall be all MANLY MAN and help you dispose of the plot points sheep.

(I'm STILL singing 'New South Wales' with this bit...it's the sheep, man! FYI - Irish folk song.)

This is my Oh SHIT must RUN face. I can't go anywhere without bad things happening!

*cues chariots of fire music* ^_^ Sorry, I love to watch him run. He has such a great stride.

Apparently the music spurred on the other guy two...now we're more running.
For those curious, this is a SPOILER MOMENT.

The dive scene...by special request.

I think that's enough emotional trauma for one post. We'll pick up here later.

Spoilers?? I SEE NO SPOILERS HERE! No, those don't count...and those...or those...dagnabit! Crossposted to bean_uncensored. Again, this is NOT dial-up friendly. Hell, at this point, we might be pushing it to say it's broadband friendly. o_O

I haven't done a thumbnail journal post, but for those requiring thumbnails, try here. It's all the caps in one place on a board I've been setting up. We're not technically open, but feel free to browse all you like. I'm still in the process of adding stuff...lots and lots of stuff.

Second Cap set here. Thumbnailed versions here and here.

First Cap set here with thumbnails here and here.

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