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The Dark - Cap Set 3

Oho...now we're getting to the interesting stuff! This is So Very Much NOT DialUp Friendly.

Did you realize...that there is...WET Bean involved herein? ^_^Collapse )

Spoilers?? I SEE NO SPOILERS HERE! No, those don't count...and those...or those...dagnabit! Crossposted to bean_uncensored. Again, this is NOT dial-up friendly. Hell, at this point, we might be pushing it to say it's broadband friendly. o_O

I haven't done a thumbnail journal post, but for those requiring thumbnails, try here. It's all the caps in one place on a board I've been setting up. We're not technically open, but feel free to browse all you like. I'm still in the process of adding stuff...lots and lots of stuff.

Second Cap set here. Thumbnailed versions here and here.

First Cap set here with thumbnails here and here.
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