Persephone (perseph2hades) wrote in bean_daily,

Sean on US television this fall

Sean has been cast as the lead in Joe Carnahan's new show for Fox TV, Faceless.

From Variety: On "Faceless," Bean will play Eddie Prey, who used to be a heavy-set federal prosecutor, until he's beat up and shot. After losing weight, he takes on a new identity and goes undercover to bring down a major crimelord. Hour-long [show] comes from 20th Century Fox TV and Flame TV. The British actor will utilize an American accent for the part."

The premise sounds out there, but Carnahan is a gritty director and is perfect for a crime series, and he's got a solid writer on the show, Dario Scardapane. I think Sean is especially excellent when doing an American accent, for some reason, so it all sounds like a good package.

I don't know how much Deb Aquila, the casting agent, had to do with getting Sean, but she's always been smarter than the average bear in the industry, and I suspect she did some poking because I remember how much she liked him in LotR. God bless her.

Hopefully the show will be along the lines of shows like The Shield, which are all about great characterization and gripping story.

Since it was just announced in this morning's trades, there aren't any interviews that I know of, but hopefully there should be some from both Carnahan's and Sean's camp soon. *dances*


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