Raparee (wyldestarr) wrote in bean_daily,


Sharpe needs YOU!

Okay, we need a rally...a big one. We have confirmation of some very underhanded tactics on our opponent's side. So we NEED you guys! We need you guys to vote! We're not out of the battle yet! Vote HERE!

And, as promised, the second rally post - Sharpe. Now who'd've thunk it? ^_^

*Sharpe, looking morose over the events of the week...*

Now see here Sharpe, we've gotten word, confirmed mind you, that the enemy is using unfair tactics.

Unfair, sir? War is unfair sir.

Don't be cocky, boy. War is not a gentleman's game, but the gentlemen play it. Seems the other side has themselves a fancy trick up their bloated sleeves. See my meaning here, Sharpe?

Aye, sir. I'll handle it sir. Like a gentleman sir.

Very good, Sharpe, very good. *leaves*

And how would a 'gentleman' be goin about this, sir?

Easy Pat, he'd ask someone like me to handle it. Let's go blow them out of the bloody water!

Includes one rather large b&w, but other than that, should be entirely work-safe. More's the pity. Need more Sharpe caps. ^_^ VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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