beaned (beaned) wrote in bean_daily,

Bean and McDonald's bag, Bean in Hot Car, and Bean just being hot

Warning, not Dial Up Friendly -- and an enormous thanks to Pudge the magnificant for the pictures of hottest man who needs more voters.

See Sean Bean look glum at McDonald's bag, see Bean in hot car, see Bean smoking hot (literally). And of course, my silly channeling Bean.

Bugger, this is it??? So much for Fox's TV budget.

Lovely, this looks grand, yeah right? Bugger.

Listen, agent, if I do not get better lunches than this when this series gets picked up, I am f'in out of here.

Can you give me a light mate, I need to get the taste of that lunch out of my mouth.

Maybe a fag and a coffee will work.

Off to buy my own lunch now, dead chips and a crap burger, just will not cut it.

Sean looks like such a badass in this pilot. meep and squee!!!

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