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Silent Hill Collection

Rob Fahey 10:07 30/03/2006
Latest three titles in horror saga get bundled together for movie release

Publisher Konami has announced that it's to launch a compilation pack of PS2 Silent Hill titles, called The Silent Hill Collection, in order to tie in with the release of the eagerly awaited movie based on the franchise next month.

Comprised of Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4: The Room, the collection has only been announced for European territories so far, and while the original Silent Hill title (which appeared on the PS1) is missing from the box set, most of the material which inspired the creepy-looking movie is from the more recent games.

The film, directed by Brotherhood of the Wolf director Christophe Gans, written by Pulp Fiction co-author Roger Avary and starring the likes of Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean, is released on April 11th - and so far, trailers for the movie have had a very positive response both from movie critics and from fans of the game.

"The Silent Hill Collection is a stunning compilation of arguably the most ground-breaking and renowned horror games for PlayStation 2", according to Konami Europe's marketing and PR director Martin Schneider.

"With interest in the film certain to be huge, we felt it was right to remind fans of the gaming beginnings of the mysterious Silent Hill and to introduce the games to a new audience ready to enter at their own risk," he concluded.
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