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Isle of Man doubles for Wales in horror flick

Isle of Man doubles for Wales in horror flick
Apr 4 2006

Claire Hill, Western Mail

THE haunting landscape of rural Wales is the setting for a new Brit horror film released this week, but don't expect to spot any familiar locations.

Doctor Who and Rhys Ifans's The Restraint of Beasts have recently boosted the nation's credentials as a film location.

And The Dark, which stars Sean Bean and Maria Bello, is set in Wales - but it was filmed entirely on the Isle of Man.

The film is based on horror novel Sheep, by Brit author Simon Maginn, and is set on a farm in T-Gwnyeth.

In the big screen version Adele, played by Bello, visits her estranged husband, Bean, in Wales and the pair get caught up in a living nightmare when their young daughter is swept away to sea.

When a strange girl called Ebrill, played by Welsh schoolgirl Abigail Stone, suddenly arrives Adele is convinced she's the key to getting her child back.

Actress Bello, who won awards for her role in A History of Violence, said, "I've always loved ghost stories. I'm an actor with simple tastes. I grew up watching films like Indiana Jones and Die Hard - exciting mainstream stuff, rather than art-house."

Director John Fawcett, who made his name with female horror flick Ginger Snaps, took the multi-million-pound shoot for The Dark to the Isle of Man despite the original novel's dependence on the moody Welsh landscape.

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