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Hello all. I have a few questions both Sharpe and non-Sharpe related. I'll do the non first. First...Does anyone know of anyway to get a copy< if one exists, of Sean's movie Tom & Thomas? It looks and sounds like a really good movie but can't find it anywhere! Also...are CDs region coded the same way DVDs are? Like, if I buy a CD from, will it play here in the states?

Now I progress on to the Sharpe related questions, however some may give away a bit of story so if you have not seen the Sharpe movies or haven't seen past Sharpe's Eagle, don't read any further than the Sharpe pic spam I have included to make this legal. (I just watched Sharpe's Honour tonight so that's the one they're all from.) They are old pics but, who can have enough Sharpe right?

Even in his sleep, that tongue pops out! (This amused me)

Sleep confused, Bean. Looks like he wouldn't even know his own name much less where the sword was!

There's that tongue again!

No more comments for now. *sighs*

The tongue makes a reappearance!

Beautiful smile! Ever notice how Sean's true smile completely changes his looks?

Last one. *sigh* my couple of Sharpe questions. Did Sharpe and Teresa ever legally get married? Ya know...with the papers and all? Or did they just kind of say they were married and leave it at that because they didn't get to see each other very much? could one of you not at least warn me there would be sadness and stupidity!? (and not in that order!) Watched Sharpe's Enemy a few nights ago (yes you all know the part I'm talking about!) and was surprised! Usually I can see something like that coming but not here. It was so sad! Of course, my already high reguard and love for Beanie went even higher! Scenes that are sad and emotional (and usually involve tears) seem to be hard for a lot of actors to do but Sean....*sigh*....He really impressed me in that scene with Antonia(sp?) Okay...I'm done rambling for now. All the pics came from! (oh how I love that site! Forgive me for there not being actual links to it in my posts...still figuring that one out. Maybe by next time. Take care!


PS: The Dark comes out on video here in the US on TUESDAY!!! (April 11)
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