Belil-Gaviel (belil_gaviel) wrote in bean_daily,

Anna_Rosa'a 10 Favourite Bean Outfits Challenge.....

Ok I'm coming out of lurkdom....(sort of: my first post here) I've decided that I would take up Anna_Rosa's Bean challenge.

10#:Ok I know he's not wearing much but still you have to admit how hot he looks.

#9: Can't resist a man that looks as dashing as he does here.



#6: He looks quite inviting sitting there on the couch with his legs all spread open like that.

#5: Tight shirt just says it all

#4: Who can resist a man in uniform

#3: Obviously I can't "Sean what a big gun you have.

#2: Yet another one.

#1: But you have to admit a nice well dressed Beanie relaxed is the best.

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