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Schoolgirl Abigail is too young to watch 15-rated movie she stars in.

Schoolgirl Abigail is too young to watch 15-rated movie she stars in.(News)

South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales); 4/10/2006

Schoolgirl Abigail Stone is basking in the glory of being a movie star - but can't show off as her friends are too young.

Abigail, 13, beat hundreds of other hopefuls to star alongside Sharpe heartthrob Sean Bean in 15-rated horror The Dark, which was released in cinemas across the country on Friday.

And her under-age pals at Cynffig Comprehensive in Kenfig Hill, near Bridgend, aren't the only ones who are envious.

Abigail said: 'My mum was so jealous - she's got a real crush on him.

'He really is so good-looking up close. In one of the scenes he gives me a big hug and it made me go all dizzy.

'I couldn't believe this huge Hollywood star was hugging me!'

Abigail, of Bridgend, plays a ghost in the film which also stars American actress Maria Bello.

But The Dark has a 15 certificate which means Abigail and her friends are not old enough to see it at the cinema.

She said: 'I saw the film at the Edinburgh premiere. Luckily the film hadn't been classified so I managed to go and see it.

'I didn't find it very scary. But when you know there were 20 people on set and how they put it all together, it takes away all the mystery.'

A spokesman for the film company said: 'Abigail did very well - she's a star in the making.'


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