pfyre (pfyre) wrote in bean_daily,

okay.... the dark

okay... finally got the dvd (it wasn't available at the store I tried on Tuesday - grrr)...

anyone not wishing to be spoiled should delete this message.... (though nothing too detailed contained below - just lots of gushing :) )

spoilers behind the CUT!

okay... the movie is intense and eerie and creepy and confusing *weak grin*... but I truly MUST proclaim this - goddamn Sean Bean is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in this film... I mean the character (and Sean) isn't even trying to be sexy and it positively oozes off of him... "a bit of rough" seems an apt description of James (and Sean) in this movie - I wouldn't say that 'shaggy' was my favourite hair style for Sean but damn if doesn't pull it off gorgeously in this film! - even distraught he looks gorgeous... Sean does anguish so well and you can really *feel* his love for his daughter, even his caring for his estranged wife is palpable...

and you know what I really loved about this film? was that James really came across as the more reasonable loving parent - yes I know Adele made the ultimate sacrifice but he was the one trying to do the best for all... really can't say I cared for Adele even by the end...

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