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Happy Birthday Sean!

I know I'm a bit late with this, but it's still Sean's birthday for another hour here.

In honour of his 47th birthday...

47 Reasons I Love Sean Bean...

1. Those green eyes of his.

2. His stage work.

3. He plays the best villians.

4. He plays the most lovable good guys.

5. Loves classical music, but secretly likes Ace of Base.
Q: What's the record you never confess to owning?
Sean: 'All That She Wants' by Ace of Base. But it's quite good actually.

6. That smile of his.

7. His mates.

8. His great sense of fashion.

9. His complete lack of fashion sense.

10.He's very intellegent.
"I'm not living with her or getting married"

11.Him with his kids.

12.The thumbs up!

13.Looks good in any uniform.

14.Boromir (I cried like a baby).

15.The hair.

16.Still loves going to his local.

17.THE leather pants.

18.Sean: "I'm a Colin Firth-type, really." (Anna:*wibble*)

19.He secretly is a real goof.

20.The tatoos.

21.He looks manly and tough while getting inked.

22.He's a Blades fan, forever and always.

23.His kiss.

24.His widdle elf ears.

25.Loves his Guinness.

26.Mellors. ('nuff said)

27.Loves dogs.

28.Rides really well for someone who hardly ever rides.

29.Looks really good with sideburns.

30.Still parties.
Sean: I had a bit of a heavy night last night...
-During a BBC Radio Interveiw,
the morning after the London premeire of the Island-

31.His nervous twitches during interviews.


33.Sharpe. (so good it warranted two mentions)

34.Likes to draw.

35.THE blue shirt.

36.Loves his Fray Bentos meat pies.
Image hosting by Photobucket

37.The arms.

38.Suffers from uncooperative clothes too.

39.Does small indie films, as well as big blockbusters.

40.The arse (worship the arse)

41.Can make 1/2 cucumbers and nappies sound sexy.

42.Dances to Fatboy Slim.
"I was trying to copy Christopher Walken's moves"

43.Does charity work.

44.Hand prOn.

45.The restless tongue.

46.Doesn't take the 'sex symbol' thing seriously.

47.Most important of all, the more I know about him, the more I Image hosting by Photobucket him.......

Pics are in thumbnails in the hope of being somewhat dial-up friendly.
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