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Sean Gallery

I need all Help I can get. A few Month ago I began to make a Sean Bean Gallery because I never found one. I'd have searched everywhere for pics and sorted everything only for me to upload in the Gallery. Saddly I've got an incident with my old PC so I was forced to make a CD with all Sean pics. Now that I wanted to upload in my Gallery, I notice that the CD doesn't work anymore

Now I would like to ask if you all could help me with the pics. Could you give any pics you have, like photoshoots and public appearance and and and.....
It would be a big help if you could tell me who I need to credit and in photoshoots who made it and in which year if you know that.
In the Movie part I'm gonna make all Sharpe caps (until the new Sharpe, I've got all.) I should get When Saturday Comes and Lady Chatterley in the next days, I hope so.

I would be Thankfull for every Help you can give.


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