pfyre (pfyre) wrote in bean_daily,

Silent Hill

By: Rohan Mulgaonkar
Issue date: 4/20/06 Section: The Scene

Silent Hill

Based on the successful videogame, Silent Hill delves into the dark world of fear and death. The film stars Radha Mitchell (Finding Neverland, Man on Fire) as Rose, a young woman who, against the wishes of her husband Christopher (Sean Bean), ventures into the town of Silent Hill to look for her daughter Sharon. But Silent Hill isn't an ordinary town.

Rose gets help from a local police officer named Cybil (Laurie Holden). The two wander through the town, looking for Sharon while learning about the creepy, secluded place. They soon discover Silent Hill has a terrifying secret. It's not home to human beings. Rose and Cybil must battle disfigured creatures and help a few human inhabitants fight the forces of darkness. But to find Sharon, Rose has to face an even greater obstacle: the grim reaper himself.
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