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Silent Hill

Silent Hill (15 cert, 125 min)

Silent Hill is a computer-game crossover that will make me go easier on other computer-game crossovers. I've actually played one of the games in Konami's series, in which you wander around the titular ghost town and have the living daylights scared out of you. If it's possible to have the living daylights bored out of you, I'd recommend Christophe Gans's film as the place to try it.

Frighteningly boring: Silent Hill

Radha Mitchell drifts up and down a misty high street looking for her disturbed daughter (Jodelle Ferland), and there's plenty of time to notice that this is the second film in a month (following The Dark) in which Sean Bean plays the dad and we end up crossing over into the netherworld (which here is the normal one, plus drizzle).

"Something really weird is happening," Mitchell keeps saying, as she's lunged at by CGI ghouls, and a giant with a big black pyramid for a hat tries to slice her head off. An ineffably ridiculous Deborah Kara Unger pops up from time to time as a garbling crone going for the cobweb look.

Games, it needs reiterating, shouldn't be films, and films shouldn't be games. This left me pining for the competent dramaturgy of House of Wax.

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