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alternative download(s) for Sean's interview on GMTV...

since several have had difficulties with for the download of Moonlustie's video file of Sean's interview on GMTV (21-April) [thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you - Sue!]...

I've converted the video to a smaller format - WMV (the pic size should be the same but the format is compressed) for easier download and perhaps playback...

and while I know people are NOT thrilled with Rapidshare either - it is the most stable alternative to Megaupload - I've uploaded the video there:

sbgmtvet060421b.wmv (27MB)
click on the link above and follow the instructions on the site for the FREE download...

as another alternative I've uploaded 3 copies to - these have a much shorter 'self-life' so to speak - so I don't know how long it will remain viable but here's the link to those
[I will try to upload a few more copies to YouSendIt - so check HERE for more links in the future!]

the original upload from Moonlustie remains at
Megaupload instructions:

  • click on the link above

  • when the Megaupload page opens look to the near the top right hand corner there should be a box with a countdown timer "Please wait ** seconds"

  • as it approaches 0 a small pop-in advert will appear and cover this box - close or move the pop-in advert

  • you'll see a prompt to "Click here to download."

  • click and a pop up advert will appear - close that new page

  • and you'll see the prompts for downloading to your harddrive

caps can still be viewed HERE
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