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Vicar snubs star Bean's film plea

Vicar snubs star Bean's film plea
Friday April 28, 01:15 PM

A mild-mannered vicar has banned Hollywood hardman Sean Bean from using his picturesque church for his latest movie - fearing the language and violence in it would be less than holy.

Rev Nick Bromfield stood up to the man who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in his role as the maverick Major Sharpe and told him he could not film in his Forest of Dean church.

The clergyman had been approached by Vertigo Films, who thought the 1,000-year-old St Mary the Virgin Church, in St Briavels, Gloucestershire would be the perfect location for part of their new vigilante movie, The Outlaw, which also stars Bob Hoskins.

But after checking out the film's director Nick Love's gangster flick, The Business, and reading more about The Outlaw's plot - the vicar gave the Hollywood A-listers their marching orders.

"I watched one of Nick Love's films, The Business, because I thought it would be unfair to put it down before I knew anything about him.

"It became pretty clear from the synopsis that The Outlaw was a film of a similar genre, and exceptionally violent.

"It became quite a simple decision to turn them down."

The British director wanted to film a marriage and a scene in the graveyard at the church, which sees a group of ordinary men taking the law into their own hands as the country descends into anarchy.

The vicar has now called on others churches in the region to follow his lead, but he has offered an olive branch to the Hollywood stars and invited them around to the vicarage for afternoon tea.

Filming on The Outlaw will begin in a few weeks in Wales and Gloucestershire.
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