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FILM REVIEW: Game adaptation proves silver-screen worthy

FILM REVIEW: Game adaptation proves silver-screen worthy
University Wire; 4/28/2006; Josh Williams

(OSU Daily Barometer) (U-WIRE) CORVALLIS, Ore. -- To those not familiar with the game, Silent Hill is a twisted town full of demons, darkness and anything that has ever haunted your dreams. Director Christophe Gans, who previously directed "Brotherhood of the Wolf," has brought this creepy nature to the theaters and gore is definitely on the menu.

The movie is mostly about Rose (Radha Mitchell) and the search for her daughter Sharon (Jodelle Ferland). Rose meets up with a cop, Cybil (Laurie Holden), and the two of them join forces to fight the evil that has kept Silent Hill in a death grip. Rose's husband, Christopher (Sean Bean), plays more of a minor role of finding out what really happened in the town of Silent Hill but the county cops keep him far away.

For fans of the video game, all of the little features and creatures are present. The crackling radio, attraction to light and other subtle pieces are noticeable and make the adaptation even better. The infamous Pyramid Head had a few gruesome scenes that are sure to please any horror enthusiast or the sleazy guy who hopes his date will practically jump into their lap.

There are some choppy music and lame lines in the build-up scenes that seemed to throw off some of the more mysterious portions. I just don't see the need to put a country music song in a horror movie. Personally, Johnny Cash probably didn't intend his music to be an ironic song for a video game-turned movie.

There is also a stronger religious presence in this movie than is led on at first. The strong feelings against the supernatural that the town has gives a Puritan witch hunt twist. The plot sets up at first what seems like a common good versus evil but quickly it turns around and tacks on an ending that unless you've played some of the "Silent Hill" games, will leave you confused and perhaps ripped off.

Jodelle Ferland, only 11 years old, and a seasoned pro in the horror films acted out some surprisingly good scenes. Jodelle has done such movies as "They" and playing the devil in a few television series, there wasn't much of a crossover for her. The creepy kid never fails in a scary movie. The vision of an innocent kid being the ultimate evil just screams impiety and therefore perfect for such a movie. I recommend fans of the video game series to indulge in more gore and for everyone else to rent one of the games and watch the movie.

(C) 2006 OSU Daily Barometer via U-WIRE
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