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FILM REVIEW: 'Silent Hill' not so scary after all

FILM REVIEW: 'Silent Hill' not so scary after all

University Wire; 4/28/2006; Kristin Alto

(Daily Titan) (U-WIRE) FULLERTON, Calif. -- Unlike "Tomb Raider," movies based on video games aren't normally very good, but director Christophe Gans' film adaptation to "Silent Hill," the 1999 Playstation video game, was actually quite entertaining, and scary.

The film may have been much better if I had played the game before, at least I wouldn't have been so confused.

But I do give credit to Gans for following the origin so closely that the video game elements could be seen throughout the film.

There were clues that needed to be found, maps to be memorized and followed, monsters needing to be killed and a clear problem to solve -- all of which would normally have been done by you, the player, but instead it was as if we the audience were watching our friend play the game all the way through.

The movie's plot was a standard for the horror genre: Child, in this case daughter Sharon (Jodelle Ferland), has problems, mom (Radha Mitchell,) tries to solve problems, mom loses and, therefore, must find child.

The other layers of Silent Hill's town history of witch burnings and the happenings of the father (Sean Bean) searching for his wife and daughter throughout the film are what make this movie a good addition to the horror movie family.

For some reason, Gans decided this movie could not be condensed, which is one reason for critics' low ratings.

The one major problem with that last hour was it not making sense in the end.

One scene could have been added to the film to make the ending much clearer and overall, much better.

The acting could have been better too, a problem that enhanced the downfall near the end, but what can we really expect from a scary movie.

And along with the few problems, there were also a few excellent aspects of the film, the visual effects being one of them.

Normally I wouldn't enjoy watching a movie resembling a video game, but I'm sure it was intended in this one and done very well.

The camera work also a plus as it, along with the sound, created most of the suspense.

As a fan of horror movies and being scared in the theater, I have to recommend this to people who like the genre, and definitely to those who like the game.

But, on the other hand, if you're going to see a scary movie this weekend, you're better off with "The Hills Have Eyes."

(C) 2006 Daily Titan via U-WIRE

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