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Sci-Fi adds bean to the menu - older article

an interesting older tidbit...

Brandweek, Dec 13, 2004 v45 i45 p8(1)

Sci-Fi adds bean to the menu.
(The Biz) Becky Ebenkamp; Todd Wasserman.

Full Text: COPYRIGHT 2004 VNU Business Media

THE Sci Fi Channel, eager to lure viewers repelled by the idea of science fiction, is reaching for some Lord of the Rings magic in a new TV campaign with actor Sean Bean, aka Boramir.

The cabler selected Bean because it considers him "warm and accessible," said Dave Howe, general manager of Sci Fi. In a 60-second spot breaking this week, Bean will ask viewers to imagine certain scenarios, which will underpin upcoming shows on the channel, like a "magical force that takes you to a netherworld (The Triangle) or a superheroine who can regenerate herself (Painkiller Jane).

"We've learned from research that there are barriers to entry," said Howe. "[Viewers] see Sci Fi as too techie, too dark and too much about space and the future."

Adam Stotsky, vp-brand marketing and promotion at Sci Fi, likened Bean to a sherpa, who will "guide [viewers] through this trip of the imagination." Other 10-second spots also breaking this week will feature fantastical situations like a woman who's splashed by a car hitting a puddle and watches as the water drains all the color from her. The campaign was handled in-house.

ADDENDUM: you can download a copy of the Imagination advert
RIGHT CLICK! 8.7 MB and select "save target as"

please NOTE this IS a Quicktime video and you will need QuickTime to play it.

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