pfyre (pfyre) wrote in bean_daily,

Kudos to the two Sues.... NOT WORKPLACE SAFE!</f

sorry but really felt the need for a public acknowledgement of the two UK Sues (Moonlustie and Riflman_S)...

they have been angels of mercy in my time of need (desperately needing Sean/Sharpe can be detrimental to one's health!)... magazines, books, videos...

I can't say thank you enough....

and Sean felt you might enjoy a bouquet or two or dozen :-D

and wouldn't we all wish to wake up to this in our bed....

but then we'd have such a lovely gift waiting for us in bed we'd never want to leave it....

so my hats are off to both Sue - Moonlustie and Rifleman_S (and Sean took even more off LOL!)

thank you thank you thank you!
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