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Sean's Bean here
By Stephanie Tye

Sean Bean in a Hercules cockpit at RAF Lyneham

WHEN one of the country's hottest directors asked if he could shoot part of his new movie on one of their planes, RAF Lyneham was only too happy to help.

And actor Sean Bean was at the airbase to film scenes for the new Nick Love film Outlaw.

Film company Vertigo approached the airbase in March about using the iconic aircraft for some scenes in the vigilante film.

And staff at Lyneham said the film crews were very efficient, and no sooner had they got the shots they required they were ready to pack up and go.

The film actor, who also stars in ITV drama series Sharpe, even took a break from his tight filming schedule to be shown around the aircraft and talk with the ground engineers who were helping out.

A spokesman for the base said: "Sean Bean was a complete gentleman."

The film, which is due for release in autumn next year, also stars Bob Hoskins and Danny Dyer.

It centres around five men from different backgrounds who have been dealt a bad hand in life.

On the surface they have nothing in common, but after losing everything they come together to start taking action against the rot that has set in their lives.

Writer and director Nick, whose previous films include The Football Factory and The Business, said: "The filming went smoothly without any glitches thanks to the preparation and organisation by RAF Lyneham.

"I am very grateful for all the help and assistance provided by the staff on the day."

However, not everyone welcomed the film crew with open arms.

The vicar at St Mary the Virgin Church in St Briavels, Gloucester-shire, banned the crew from filming a scene in the picturesque building, after checking out the director's previous work.

"The Business appalled me with its brutality and violence, particularly towards women," said the Rev Nick Bromfield.

"There were child shootings, drug abuse the whole caboodle.

"It became pretty clear from the synopsis that Outlaw was a film of a similar genre, and exceptionally violent."

But he has offered an olive branch to the stars of the film to join him for tea.

"I'm a big fan of Sean Bean and I would love it if he and Bob Hoskins, if they are still in the area, came to church on Sunday."

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