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Lucy's Monster... and Sean....


when the news article came thru about the author of Lucy's Monster, Rebecca Royle, and her wish that Sean Bean portray Anthony Denharden in a film adaptation - I was curious so I went to the indie publishing website, looked it over a bit and ordered a copy

it arrived today and I'd quite forgotten that I'd ordered it

decided to give it a go this evening and was drawn in despite of myself - I'm not of a fan of the writer's style but the story is compelling enough to drag me in anyway :-|

I don't wish to spoil it for anyone who is intending to read it - but allow me to say that *IF* this does get to be a film - if they don't cast Sean as Anthony I WILL boycott it :-P

as I was reading it - I could SEE Sean in that role - it is a heartwrenching, unflinching portrait of a man who had it all and thru no fault of his own fell from grace and nearly died in the process, nearly lost his soul in the ordeal...

damn - I really hope the author manages a film deal with some 'clout' in regards to casting or at least a good rapport with the producers/director in the area of casting

for those that might have missed the article that drew my attention you can view it HERE

for more info on the novel and/or to order it from the Dog Horn Publishing go HERE

or from HERE
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