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Sean pic 5-19

Oh my GOD!

Boromir! I have been waiting and waiting for this! Got this newsletter today! :D YAY!

*screams* :D

BOROMIR :D I love their figures, I was so hoping they would make one :D

The most observant of LOTR collectors may have noticed an LOTR jumble scrolling through our Flash banner at the top of The jumble revealed itself to be: Son of Denethor - a hint at what was to come in our LOTR line-up. Well, today is the day!! Click the following link to get a sneak peek at Boromir, favored son of Denethor, soon to be realized in 12-inch form on shelves worldwide!

*eeeeeeeeeeeeee* So getting him too to argue with my Anakin ;) LOL

You know this guy:


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