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The Mirror (London, England); 5/26/2006


Sleeping around is normally the kiss of death for a couple - but not for actor Danny Dyer. The cockney star, 28, has confessed that seeing other women helped save his relationship with childhood sweetheart Joanne, also 28. The couple have been together since they were 14 and have a nine-year-old daughter called Dani, but they split up two years ago. However Danny - whose film The Other Half is out on DVD on Monday - insists they needed to experience sex with other people to save their relationship and are now back together.

The Football Factory star was linked with Doctor Who babe Billie Piper and former Hollyoaks girl Davinia Taylor, but admits he's devoted to Joanna.

"I totally adore Joanne and I'm a very lucky man," he says. "But I have known her since we were 12 and we'd been going out together since we were 14. We had a kid very young t and didn't know how to deal with it all and being together from such a young age.

"We split up a few years ago and basically we needed to sleep with other people. And it worked too. Now we are back together and I love her to bits. She is a good East End girl. I am so lucky to be with her. When we had split up, we'd still see each other and then we realised we were meant to be."

Danny says daughter Dani follows his acting closely, even though a lot of his films include sex, violence and drugs.

"She is the apple of my eye," admits the fanatical West Ham fan. "She's also very interested in what I do. Dani knows what I am auditioning for and we sit and watch my films together. Mind you, I have to tell her when a naughty bit is coming and she will cover her eyes." Danny is currently filming in Wales on another collaboration with Football Factory director Nick Love alongside Sharpe actor Sean Bean.

"It's called The Outlaw," reveals Danny, "and it's about a group of vigilantes based in London who are sick of the common man having lost his voice. We go around attacking paedophiles and it is set to be a fantastic film. It will really blow people away."

Monday sees the DVD release of The Other Half, which sees Danny starring alongside former soccer hardman Vinnie Jones. Danny plays football fan Mark who is due to marry his American bride Holly, played by Shameless star Gillian Kearney. But Mark is so desperate to see England play at Euro 2004 that he suggests a honeymoon in Portugal where the tournament is being held.

"Mark is a nice lad and not a hooligan, but he loves his football," explains Danny. "He thinks he can have a honeymoon and still go to the football, even though he hasn't told his wife.

"We did it on a budget of just pounds 150,000, so I got to go and see all the England games. We used the real matches in the film so I was hoping they would go all the way to the final but, of course, it wasn't the case."

The baby-faced star got his first acting role as a 14-year-old opposite Dame Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect III in 1993. He leapt to stardom after his role in Brit drug flick Human Traffic and then descended into the whirlwind of celebrity parties.

Danny forged a reputation for taking drugs and turning up on set with a bottle of vodka in his hand. Producers started to shy away from using him as his bad boy behaviour started to take its toll on his career. But Nick Love pulled him back from the brink and helped him see what was important in life. "I was getting work at the time," says Danny. "But I'd get picked up at 7am and go in after a mad session thinking everyone loved me. But that doesn't work in such a small industry. I was surrounded by coke-heads and I've had to cut them off a bit. People were chucking pills at me left, right and centre. I'd swallow them, whereas now I go 'nope'. My family is now the most important thing in the world.

"These days I don't want to wake up at four in the afternoon with a massive hangover and wonder where my life has gone."

Danny managed to see this year's classic FA Cup Final between his team West Ham and Liverpool, thanks to a stroke of luck.

"I didn't have a ticket," he says, "but I was playing golf with Ray Winstone. Jamie Redknapp happened to be on the course as well and we had a chat. I told him I didn't have a ticket so he sorted me out, which was fantastic."

Danny wasn't too keen on the result though, as his team West Ham lost on penalties after being ahead for long periods in the match.

The father-of-one also recently starred in crime caper film The Business and Channel 4's football drama All In The Game, in which he played a dodgy agent's son alongside fellow East Ender Winstone. And he also hosted a documentary called The Real Football Factories. In this, he explored hooliganism in Britain and Europe, but some thugs made some terrifying death threats to the actor.

"If I'd known how terrifying making this programme would be, I'm sure I'd have said no," he admits.

Danny would have loved to have played the game professionally and used to be a keen Sunday League footballer. But when his screen career took off, so did the number of people trying to break his legs.

"That's just the price of fame," he smiles.

The Other Half is out on DVD on Monday.

'I was surrounded by cokeheads. People chucked pills at me left, right and centre'

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