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BBC gives 'Sharpe' a shot

BBC gives 'Sharpe' a shot
By Kevin McDonough

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Viewers in search of epic adventure are in luck. Every Saturday night this summer, BBC America offers two hours of battlefield action, exotic travel and the chance for romance and heartbreak with the 1993 series "Sharpe’s Rifles" (8 p.m. central time today, BBC America).

"Sharpe" stars Sean Bean ("Lord of the Rings") in the title role of Richard Sharpe, a fictional legend of the Napoleonic wars. The action begins in 1809 when Sharpe is merely a resourceful sergeant. His star begins to rise when he saves the life of the future Duke of Wellington. He’s promoted quickly and put in command of a group of riflemen, sent on secret missions in Spain and experiences other adventures that will keep "Sharpe's Rifles" firing away for two hours every Saturday night for the next 15 weeks.
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