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Mo's super-mega summer TV preview

Originally posted: June 8, 2006
Mo's super-mega summer TV preview

Sure, there are plenty of summer TV previews around, but here's the difference with this one: I've seen almost every show on this list (what I won't go through for you people, eh?).

So here’s my take on what may make for enjoyable viewing during some of the hottest months of the year. A word about August: I know "Weeds" returns then. Don't start with the e-mails. This summer preview is a list of highlights for June and July.

If you want to mention a new or returning summer show that you don't see listed here, share your thoughts in the comment area below.
Various "Sharpe's" adventure movies, Saturdays at 8 p.m., BBC America: As far as Napoleonic-era action-adventure chronicles go, the chronicles of heroic soldier Richard Sharpe don't quite reach the heights of the mega-enjoyable "Horatio Hornblower" TV movies, but Sean Bean is enjoyable as Sharpe and there's a sense of dashing, manly adventure to these globe-trotting ripping yarns.

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