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A plea for pics of Sharpe with a lady

Right, I have a request, and who better to ask but you lot.

I have recently got a good friend of mine hooked onto Sharpe (hurrah!), but being the hopeless romantic she is mere icons or pics of Sharpe are not enough - she wants one of him kissing one of his lovely ladies. Now, it may be no such icons exist, but if they don't I'm sure there must be screencaps somewhere.

So, my request is as follows:

If you have any icons of Sharpe in a clinch with a lady friend, please let me know (with, of course, the name of who to credit) so I can pass it on.

If you have any pics of Sharpe in a clinch with a lady friend, then please plonk it here or provide me with a link so I can then make an icon of it for my friend. Again, if credit is required (such as who did the screencap), then let me know.

Thank you! :)

And to make this post all legal and above board...

The ever delectable Sharpe:

The perhaps even more delectable Boromir:

And lastly: the moment Boromir discovered Gandalf teaching Pippin the 'Pointy Hat Trick'...


ETA: My sincere thanks to all who responded.  I have pointed my friend in the way of this thread.  If I make any icons from any caps posted, I will post them on bean_daily for anyone else who wants to nab.  :)

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