aka 'Nenya' (boz4pm) wrote in bean_daily,
aka 'Nenya'

Just a couple of Sharpe icons

You may remember I asked on bean_daily a little while ago for pics of Sharpe in a clinch with his ladies for a friend of mine who was looking for icons (or wanting me to make one), and as I knew you would you came up trumps (as you can see).  So much so, in fact that, as well as the 'smooching' animated gif (as my friend requested), I was inspired to make a couple of others while I was at it.

So, you are welcome to take any that take your fancy.  Credit is never required (though always nice).  Comment if you like/are going to take (again, it's nice to know someone out there likes what I've done), but don't feel obliged.

Credit: all screencaps done by pfyre


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