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I've changed something on my Gallery. A Friend of mine told me to do it that I can have a little control because of hotlinking. Everyone need to register in the yahoo group I made specially for the Gallery. I found 18 photoshoots that I wanted to upload, but sadly I've had a Virus. Now I need to find a FTP so I can upload it, but I think until next week should it be up.
I always appreciate if you could send picture or direct me to some. Now even more, because I lost every site I've had.

PS: I almost forget to ask if someone already had a Yahoo Group and could help to make the rule mail. Is not going to be big rules, only warning because of the no hotlink and not sending the password to anyone else. I would be really greatful if someone could help me.

Two of my Favorite pics *loves*

Hope that's ok
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