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My friend just e-mailed me this. Has anyone heard about it?

Too Sharpe, Sean

SHARPE star Sean Bean's hand was sliced open during a knife fight for his
new flick Outlaw. The movie hunk - a fan of Sheffield United, nicknamed
The Blades - was taken to hospital with blood pouring from the wound. One
said: "It was pretty hairy. Sean insistes on doing all his own stunts and
really hurt his hand in this particular scene. "He was fighting with a
load of extras and slightly misjudged a move. He was rushed off set but,
like the true pro he is, came back later sporting a bandage. "Being in
Sharpe and being a big fan of the Blads was strangely no defence against a
Sean, 47, stars with Bob Hoskins and Danny Dyer in the movie, which was
being shot near Gloucester. Directed by The Football Factory's Nick Love,
it is about a modern-day posse who set out to right society's wrongs.
Outlaw is due for release next year.

And to make it legal... wounded Sharpe..

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