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Boromir icons!

This is my first post to Bean_Daily but I've been hanging around for a while, admiring all the wonderful Bean-ness going on, and I decided I'd post a few icons for y'all! Hope that's all right. They're all Boromir(as it was for a 100 icon challenge at icons100) and I hope you enjoy them! :)

1) 2) 3)

Icon Count: # 100/ 100 Last update: 11 7 2006

100 Lord of the Rings icons: Boromir

1:Alone 2:Magical 3:Embrace 4:Sunshine 5:Sorrow
6:A Dreamer's Dream 7:Colorful 8:Brightness 9:Rain 10:All is Wrong
11:All is Right 12:Lost 13:Wicked 14:Smile 15:Laughter
16:Misery 17:Secrets 18:All That I Am 19:Soul Food 20:Love
21:Fire 22:Ice 23:Glory 24:Full of Regret 25:Green
26:Blue 27:Red 28:Forgotten 29:Snarky 30:Mmm Yum!
31:Hush 32:Reminisce 33:Why 34:Time 35:So Close, Yet So Far Away
36:Joy 37:Kiss 38:Beautiful 39:Hope 40:Desire
41:I've Been Bad 42:Fury 43:Companionship 44:From Now On 45:Mine
46:Trouble In Paradise 47:Tears 48:My Drug 49:Flowers 50:Water
51:Artist's Choice 52:Artist's Choice 53:Artist's Choice 54:Artist's Choice 55:Artist's Choice
56:Artist's Choice 57:Artist's Choice 58:Artist's Choice 59:Artist's Choice 60:Artist's Choice
61:Artist's Choice 62:Artist's Choice 63:Artist's Choice 64:Artist's Choice 65:Artist's Choice
66:Artist's Choice 67:Artist's Choice 68:Artist's Choice 69:Artist's Choice 70:Artist's Choice
71:Artist's Choice 72:Artist's Choice 73:Artist's Choice 74:Artist's Choice 75:Artist's Choice
76:Artist's Choice 77:Artist's Choice 78:Artist's Choice 79:Artist's Choice 80:Artist's Choice
81:Artist's Choice 82:Artist's Choice 83:Artist's Choice 84:Artist's Choice 85:Artist's Choice
86:Artist's Choice 87:Artist's Choice 88:Artist's Choice 89:Artist's Choice 90:Artist's Choice
91:Artist's Choice 92:Artist's Choice 93:Artist's Choice 94:Artist's Choice 95:Artist's Choice
96:Artist's Choice 97:Artist's Choice 98:Artist's Choice 99:Artist's Choice 100:Artist's Choice


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