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There's no way I can or would even try to compete wi the fantastic icons lady_boromir has just shared, but would just like to say:
I've just spent over two hours makin these damned things, and now I can't upload em to me bloody LJ Userpics, cos it keeps tellin me they're either bigger than 100 x 100 or "large files from URLS".
That's really annoying, seeing as they ent either.

Anyway, please enjoy and use. You lot already know I'm not much of a LOTR person, but even I have to admit the "2-arrows-in-the-door" shot were a damned cool piece of film. Course, it helps it were our Sean doing the duckin and divin, LOL

The second is my first and most lastin impression o Richard Sharpe. Aww, cotton socks, eh.

Hope these show up here, or I'm going to set fire to the offices over at LJ.
Just kidding!

No. 1: Boromir

No. 2: A short Sharpe shove



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