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A few of my faves...

For fabjacuzzi. I decided since I'd be pulling more than a few thumbnails for you, I'd just do a separate post. (Warning: thumbnail image heavy)

I had a slight bit of panic this morning when, upon checking my imageshack acct at work, it showed 24 pages instead of 112. O_O But I am home again and got it working, so let's see what I have. This is hardly the 'definitive' work, by any means, but I challenge you to go through 112 pages of Bean photos and not pick a few dozen! ;) (And no, I don't have all of mine uploaded...if you want to email me, we can discuss further options.) I did try to limit myself as much as possible. I did. Really!

Top Ultimate Faves:
These are the ones where I can simply sit and stare for hours on end, the ones where is he often so beautiful it takes my breath away and stops all higher brain function. (Naturally, the omg-must-tackle-now function works extraordinarily well here.)

Since I couldn't not go through all my imageshack pages of Bean, I figured, I'd toss a few 'extras' into the mix.

I have a duster fetish. And the Hollywood gods are good in that Sean has and will continue to wear a duster/trenchcoat. ^_^

For my favorite Beanie BadBoy, hands down - Sean Miller. The first time I saw Sean was in Patriot Games and I never forgot him. He has some of the most dead sexy intense looks in this movie.

Speaking of dead sexy, you simply cannot do a 'dead sexy' pic spam of Sean without the requisite Sharpe pics. (He's so entirely darlin befuddled.)

I'll be good and not include the luscious back pics from WSC as you said your friend would not be ready for fawsley's aptly named Sacred Arse. You all know them. ^_^ However, what post of mine would be complete without my back pics? I love the man's back. *le sigh*

That being said, this is the pic that started my love affair with the SacredArse whereas before, I was very 'eh' over male backsides.

And you didn't say we couldn't do chest... (and look at that profile! and the smirk! *squeak*)

My favorite studio poses and prems. He has such amazing eyes.

Ahhh, Boromir, my love.

Am fighting with myself over the shinysilkysilversquee...er...tie. I am unnaturally attracted to said tie. *twitch*

And the thousand megawatt smile.

okay, I can't be *completely* good.

Oops, jbellshoot image courtesy of faces_fit with so very much love. *squooshes* The rest of these have been grabbed, nabbed, and drooled over from everyone and their brother...caps and mags and everything.
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