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Sean pic 7-31


I am glad everyone enjoyed yesterday's pic! Funny thing is it's been on since December 2001


It's from the Evening Standard December 2001.

hmmm I guess this is a sign I should not just leave it as an archive and update it? No one goes there anymore :D What do you all think? I just renewed the domain again anyway since it was due, and have plenty of space on my server. I can roll all the Sean content into full of beans and have it a working site and not just the archive for the old site I took over. Or leave it as is.

Give it some thought, and let me know in comments. As I said, either way is fine with me. I was under the impression everyone wanted it left as it was in 2004 when I took it over :)

On another note, meh. It's Monday. So... let's have a Sean piccy to start the work week....

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