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A reason to watch football this season...

Came home from a day, an evening, and another day of being in the pub to flick on Sky Sports News and see gratuitous shots of Sean at the Blades game today!  And because he looks scrumptious in a black suit and shirt in them I thought I'd capture them and post them on here for everybody's enjoyment!

Never actually posted pics before, so apologies if I eff this up!

Shame they didn't have the camera on him when the team scored, but I suppose they were probably a bit busy filming the match!  (If anybody's interested, United, who a lot of "experts" think will get relegated back down to the lower division drew 1-1 against a very good team who will probably finish in the top 3, so they did very well!)

Looking happy and relaxed before the match in very cool sunglasses...

Another one of him smiling just because...

Turning the other cheek...

Clapping his team

You just know he's swearing in this one...

Looks a bit surprised now...

And finally ...
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